GKS recognise the need for independent trusted advisors. Our experienced audit team can provide you with a high quality audit service causing minimum disruption to your business. We guarantee a timely professional service, which is Partner lead, risk based and will be conducted in accordance with current international auditing and financial reporting standards.

The GKS approach to audit assignments is as follows:

Professional Service

Our aim is to carry out each audit assignment in a timely and cost efficient manner with a minimum disruption to you the client. The key to achieving this is effective communication. We guarantee that you are involved at the planning stage and kept fully informed about the progress of our work. We use the audit process to make recommendations that may be of assistance to you in managing your organisation.

Partner Lead

All audit assignments will be lead by one of our partners who will obtain a detailed understanding of your organisation and tailor the audit to meet your needs, based on the size and nature of your organisation. They will be supported by our team of qualified, highly experienced Audit Managers.

Risk Based

We will concentrate on material matters that are important to your organisation. A risk assessment is carried out in all cases to ensure that all necessary controls are in place and are operating efficiently.

Professional Standards

Our audit approach is based on current international auditing standards and applicable financial reporting standards. We assist companies of all types and sizes to fulfil their statutory obligations.

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